War Thunder: New Location: 38th Parallel

Make sure your tank is equipped with good cleats – they’re far more important in this area than maximum speed. Welcome to "38th Parallel", a place where the latest achievements of engineering meld with the rural life of East Asia.
Of course, the main feature of this battlefield is the massive dam visible from any point on the map. In fact, it is thanks to this dam that the entire location exists: the water held back from the dam opened up kilometers of fertile land, now covered in rice fields all the way to the horizon. Fans of sniper battles are sure to be satisfied.

However, tankers who prefer ambush tactics will also find quiet corners in the several villages consisting of squat farmer’s cottages divided by narrow streets.
The location abounds with elevation changes. That’s why vehicles with a good vertical aiming angle will do well. Well-chosen camouflage is also sure to come in handy to skilled tankers on this map.

A good tip for fans of ambush tactics: use the roads, take up unexpected positions and don’t smash the structures. Your enemy is sure not to expect your strike.

 "38th Parallel" will be available in War Thunder update 1.65 “Way Of The Samurai” for mixed battles in all modes.
Oh yeah. And try not to ruin the crops. :)
The War Thunder Team!

Attention! You will get a tank and a decoration in update 1.65 “Way of the Samurai”. You will get Golden Eagles and premium time after purchase. Valid for Pc, Linux, Mac.

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