War Thunder: THE GRIND!

I must admit when I read the news today I pee'd a little.  This is something that I have discussed many times in my videos. How I feel War Thunder will be the one tank game to rule them all.  Out of the three main choices right not World of Tanks, War Thunder, and Armored Warfare - War Thunder is the one that is best in my opinion.  Why, because it has the most adaptable game engine, it one client, and it is combine all eras of tank, plane, and soon ship warfare.  Now I am not saying War Thunder is perfect, but far from it. Currently there are several issues that I think need to be addressed and at ttimes even might be considered game breaking.  However the focus of this discuss is the one issue that really been weighing on me lately, THE GRIND!

My play time is limited, I am not a full time streamer or have all day to play.  I play when I can and even at times not War Thunder.  Currently I just cracked Tier V Germans, but not playing because I do have a good line up to follow up with - grind goes on.  With the introduction fo Tier VI in the future I feel the grind is just become to surmountable.  From what I read it will not change with 1.71 because there will not be a full Tier VI tree.  In the future this could change from what I read, but until then - grind goes on.  

This really is sad, because I think the new E.R.A. as it being marketed could bring in new blood, but no one wants to start at Tier I.  Some will come for the Tiev VI and beyond game and not want to grind thru early Tiers to get too the tanks they want to play.  So I feel the grind needs to be lessed or is this a plan to just sell "Eagles" so you can covert?