World of Warships: Free Premium Time and Improved Load Times in Update 0.5.5

I have not been on World of Warships in sometime, probably since it was in the final stages of closed beta - maybe a bit after.  So after see this I decided to update my client and give it a spin.  Hey free premium time! Here is a link to the patch notes, they are very long and detailed (PATCH NOTES 0.5.5). o7 - armedbushido

Log in to Update 0.5.5 by May 11 to receive three days of Premium account time!

One of the major additions with Update 0.5.5 is the introduction of a new file structure for the game client. This optimization will affect all players, so we're sharing the why/what/how of it all.

The deadlines was extended by one day to May 11 to account for 0.5.5 release issues.
Read the "0.5.5 Update Notes" article for an in-depth look at the update!
Why Are We Doing This?

The World of Warships client currently consists of more than 200,000 individual files. This number of files puts a strain on your computer’s resources whenever the game needs to read or write a large amount of files — like when you’re installing, patching, or loading a map. 
What Exactly Are We Doing?

We’re changing the way we store certain information and reorganizing/combining all the small data files that make up the client.
How Does it Help?

By reducing the number of files your computer has to handle, you'll see improved load times between 10% and 50% when going into battles and 2 to 3 times faster install speeds.
What’s the Catch?

The download from 0.5.4 to 0.5.5 is relatively small, but it takes time to repack all those files. If you're updating your client to 0.5.5, then the process can take from 15 minutes to an hour depending on your PC specs. Keep in mind that running other programs during repacking can slow the process.

It's worth noting that file access in 0.5.5 is somewhat more restricted — this will affect mod usage.
Visit the dedicated forum thread to discuss and ask any questions you may have.
Which Option is Right for Me?

Updating from a previous version to 0.5.5 involves downloading the new files, repackaging all your WoWS files, and then an automatic verification step that checks to make sure everything went alright.
If you have a slow internet connection then updating from a previous version to 0.5.5 may be the fastest option. (approximately a 3.2GB download)
If you have a fast internet connection then uninstalling and downloading the fully optimized 0.5.5 game client may be the fastest option. (approximately a 9GB download)

The "Pack" and "Verify" steps discussed and pictured above are automatic processes when updating from a previous version to 0.5.5.
What's This I Hear About Premium Time?

We understand that the repackaging process is annoying. It's an inconvenience aimed at creating a better experience and improving future updates. That being said, we're providing three days of Premium time to everyone who logs in to Update 0.5.5 before May 11!

If you log in to Update 0.5.5 by May 11 you'll automatically be credited three days of Premium account time. 

Please note that your free Premium account time starts immediately upon logging into Update 0.5.5.