War Thunder: Beginning of the Korean War

From June 24th 15:00 GMT* to June 27th 07:00 GMT

Take part in Korean war battles.
Destroy enemy aircraft and receive your rewards!

*Dear Jet Fighter Fans!
 Due to some technical issues we have postponed the launch of the event for two hours. 
Rice Terrace will be added to the event from June 24th 17:30 GMT.


For each step, you will get a "Box of supply" with one of the following prizes:

  • back-ups x 3 for the vehicles participating in the last battle
  • 10%-40%  and  boosters;
  • from 10% up to 75 % discount USSR and U.S aircraft; (except vehicles from 1.57 and 1.59)
  • 2 modifications for Rank 5 aircraft of the USA and USSR
You are guaranteed to receive the main prize (2 modifications for Rank 5 USA or USSR aircraft) once you complete all three stages for a nation of your choice (or both of them).


 whilst flying MiG-15 and MiG-15bis, destroy 30/60/90 U.S. aircraft in the special event
 Whilst flying F-86A-5, F86-F25, F86-F2 Sabre, destroy 30/60/90 Soviet aircraft in the special event.
For Realistic and Simulator Battles an x2 multiplier on destroyed enemies is applied.


  • Tasks can be completed only in special events which are available in the Events and Tournaments Tab.
  • Location in AB/RB/SB: “ [Air Domination] Korea”
  • You can follow your progress in your Profile -> Achievements ->  Air Duels
  • You can complete the tasks only whilst flying MiG-15 and MiG-15bis or F-86A-5, F86-F25, F86-F2 Sabre

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