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War Thunder: M4A5: Canadian Cadet

Good news for all collectors and anyone who just loves unusual vehicles – very soon, the range of ‘rare’,
but series-produced vehicles in War Thunder will receive a new addition: the M4A5 medium tank!

The Canadian RAM Mk.II cruiser tank was received into the US Army with the designation M4A5. The vehicle, with its outstanding external appearance, was developed and based on the American M3 Lee. The M4A5, which is coming to the game, was in series production from 1942 to 1943, and 1899 units were produced within that time. Although this tank never came face to face with the enemy on the battlefield, it was actively used both by the Canadians and the British for training tank crews, it also served as a basis for developing later SPGs and other vehicles of various designs.

What makes this vehicle stand out from the crowd apart from its unusual origins? First of all, its looks. The smooth contours of its hull and the special gun mantlet make the tank stand out from other Allied vehicles. The tank’s armament includes an excellent QF Mk III 6 pdr (57 mm) cannon. Players that have already researched British tanks with this cannon are likely to thank its accuracy, rapid-firing and powerful effect, this represents a serious threat to any ground vehicles at ranks I and II. The tank also stands out for its survivability in no small part thanks to its excellent defenses for its level (its frontal armour reaches 3” in thickness) plus its effective crew of five.

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In battle, the vehicle is excellently suited to complete various tasks and is a far more versatile tank than any other contemporary tanks. Want to take advantage of the armour and ‘outmuscle’ enemy defenses? Easy. Quickly change your position to take a strategic point? No problem. Dive into the thick of it and fire off a couple of dozen shells through the attackers’ frontal armour plates? Be my guest! On top of all this, the tank has a nice bonus to Research Points and Silver Lions earned.

This armoured vehicle will arrive in our game with update 1.61 “Road to Glory” and will be at rank II as a premium vehicle in the US research tree!

See you on the battlefield!
The War Thunder Team

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