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War Thunder: M60A1: Facing the Enemy

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Meet the new leader of the US medium tank branch - the M60A1.
This tank will be added to the game very soon!

In the very first years of the M60’s use, it was determined that the thorough modernization of the base M48A2 model on a tight schedule had led to the creation of a vehicle that was incapable of competently opposing tanks of a potential enemy. The armor protection of the M60’s turret, which had remained practically unchanged relative to the M48, could not withstand a hit from a 100 mm Soviet tank cannon. For this reason, in 1962 the Chrysler company set to work creating a new model of the M60 main battle tank – the M60A1.

The primary distinguishing feature of this new vehicle was its use of an improved turret with steeper sloping angles on its frontal parts. At the same time, the armor protection on the frontal projection was increased to 254 mm without the gun mantlet. The turret was equipped with a command cupola that rotated 360 degrees, with eight glass blocks placed around the perimeter for a all-round view.
With the installation of this turret model, the crew conditions inside the battle compartment were also improved. Alongside this, the designers introduced changes to the fire control system, installing upgraded instruments that would allow the crew to fire at nighttime. After 1965, the M60A1 additionally received the latest M16 ballistic computer. Even the tank’s control systems were modified. Apart from the new equipment and instruments, an improved hydraulic brake actuation was installed for the power train, along with a mechanical stopping brake. The suspension received telescopic shock-absorbers on the lower track rollers. But the improvement of the M60A1 didn’t stop there. The American leadership was forced to introduce new modernization programs at speed due to the appearance of new models of armored vehicles in the USSR.

Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440

In War Thunder, the M60A1 will take its place as the top US tank in the medium tank tech tree. If the basic M60 was a well-balanced tank with good weaponry, a fast reload speed and comparatively good armor, then the A1 version allows the player to play more aggressively without fear of direct hits from enemy shells on many sections of the armor (primarily on the turret). Thanks to the increased thickness and angles of the armor, the shells of many tanks (including the T-54) can ricochet right off the frontal projection without injuring the crew or damaging internal modules.

As before, the vehicle can use the classic tactics of a medium tank, taking advantage of its maneuverability and armament for flanking maneuvers or quick position changes. The M60A1 also provides the opportunity to extend your ‘life’ on the battlefield and increase your tank’s effectiveness, as it is far harder to knock the tank out with a frontal strike from medium or long range. Similarly, it is harder to destroy it with a random shot against the turret. The opponent must spend precious seconds aiming, and the player can use this time for a counterattack or retreat.

Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 |  2560x1440

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