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Battles are won by local superiority of forces, but it takes more than just battlefield tactics to win wars. Careful rationing of resources is paramount to any prolonged conflict success and even the best field commanders can find themselves on the losing side if they are not careful with their unit management. The question is, are YOU in for the long run?


From the 8th of August to the 4th of September 2016, players have the option to participate in the Long Run event. The event is split into four Rounds:
  • Round 1: August 8 to 14
  • Round 2: August 15 to 21
  • Round 3: August 22 to 28
  • Round 4: August 28 to September 4
During each Round, players can complete the following objectives (once each per Round):
  • Win 15 PvP battles or 30 PvE missions on Hard difficulty
  • Deal 20,000 damage in PvP battles or 80,000 damage in PvE missions (any difficulty)
  • Earn 25,000 Reputation in PvP battles or 50,000 Reputation in PvE missions (any difficulty)
Please note that the PvP and PvE goals in a single objective cannot be combined in any way.


Each completed objective will be rewarded with 150,000 Credits for a total of 1,800,000 Credits for all objectives completed during all four Rounds. Additionally, there are two special bonus rewards.
Round Bonus
Players who complete all three objectives during one Round will be rewarded with a bonus of
  • 550,000 Credits
  • 2 days of Gold Intel Boost (25% boost to Credit and Reputation income)
for the total event sum of 4,000,000 Credits.
Long Run Bonus
Players who complete all three objectives in all four Rounds will be rewarded with a bonus of
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 7 days of Platinum Battlefield Glory Boost (25% boost to Credit and Reputation income, 50% boost to Global Reputation, Commander XP and Crew XP income)
for the total event sum of 5,000,000 Credits.


  • Each Round starts at 9:00 AM CEST (12 AM PDT) on the first day of the Round
  • Each Round ends at 23:59 CEST (2:59 PM PDT) on the last day of the Round
  • No Reputation bonuses (including Boosts and Premium Time) are counted towards the Reputation objective
  • Objective prizes and Round Bonus prizes will be distributed at the end of each Round
  • Long Run bonus rewards will be distributed at the end of the event
  • An objective completion indicator will be available on the Profile page (please note that the indicator might operate with a delay)
  • Any punishment issued by the Support Team for an offense against game rules within the event time limit will lead to automatic disqualification from the event
We hope you enjoy the Long Run event and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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