Armored Warfare: Legendary Summer Sale

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present the Legendary Summer Sale! It's time to say goodbye to August with a blast!
For the next 24 hours, players have the opportunity to get their hands on special edition bundles! All special edition vehicles come with:
  • Unique camouflage
  • Level 5 crew
  • Premium status
Please note that players, who already own one or more special edition vehicles will receive their price in Gold upon purchasing one of the packs. This does however not count as a "gold purchase" for the "gold return" purposes.
Don't forget about our other offers:

WOLF Legendary Pack

Become the Alpha of your very own Wolf Pack! Whether you prefer stalking your prey from distance or going for the throat up close and personal, your Wolves have you covered.
WOLF Legendary Pack Contents:
  • BMD-2 WOLF Tier 5 Premium AFV
  • Wiesel 1 WOLF Tier 7 Premium AFV
  • Centauro 120 WOLF Tier 7 Premium TD
  • Challenger 1 WOLF Tier 7 Premium MBT
Price: 18000 Gold
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MERC Legendary Pack

The ultimate Mercenary pack covers multiple playstyles – from brawling to sniping, the MERC vehicles can do it all. The amazing MERC camouflage makes you truly stand out on the battlefield as someone not to be trifled with.
MERC Legendary Pack Contents
  • LAV-150 90 MERC Tier 3 Premium TD
  • AMX-10P 90 MERC Tier 4 Premium TD
  • Zhalo-S MERC Tier 4 Premium TD
  • VFM5 MERC Tier 6 Premium LT
  • MBT-70 MERC Tier 6 Premium MBT
Price: 9425 Gold
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ICE Legendary Pack

Stay frosty! This tank collection brings you the Premium versions of all your favorite Tier 4 to 6 Main Battle Tanks with a Tier 3 Object 430 added for good measure – fast-paced brawling action is the way of the Bear!
ICE Legendary Pack Contents
  • Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Premium MBT
  • OF-40 ICE Tier 4 Premium MBT
  • M60A3 ICE Tier 5 Premium MBT
  • T-72 ICE Tier 5 Premium MBT
  • Leopard 2AV ICE Tier 6 Premium MBT
Price: 8175 Gold
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Starter Pack

This pack gives you everything you need for a head start in Armored Warfare - a cool commander with unique and interesting commander skills, two days of premium time, as well as a 50% boost to reputation and credits earned from every game, 5.000 global reputation and 16.000 credits to kickstart your game and upgrade your tanks and unlock new ones.
Starter Pack Contents
  • 2 Days of Premium Time
  • 2 Days of 50% Credit and Reputation Income Boost
  • 16000 Credits
  • 5000 Global Reputation points
  • Commander Viktor Kirsanov
Price: 1000 Gold
Please note: the Starter Pack bundle can only be purchased once per account. Players, who purchased it during the previous events and sales will not be able to purchase it during the Legendary Summer Sale.
We hope you will enjoy this offer and will see you on the battlefield!