Armored Warfare: Lords of War: Coming Soon


Obsidian Entertainment and are happy to announce that the long-awaited Lords of War PvP mode will be coming soon to the European and North American region!

The objective of the Lords of War mode is to attain the highest team win streak and earn Prestige by participating in battles within designated conflict zones. Each conflict zone is open for a set period of time, has its own map, objective, tank tier and tank composition requirements to provide a unique experience in each conflict zone. Lords of War will be played in the 10 vs 10 format (please note that this format can change depending on the server).

Lords of War will be separated into seasons, each with its unique rewards.

Season 0 will arrive soon to the newly-launched Public Test Server that will be available to the European and North American players. The objective of Season 0 is to test the mode, but that does not mean the players will not receive any rewards. The rewards for Season 0 will be given out on the Live server and will include:
  • Special Titles
  • Special Decals
  • Gold
  • Premium Time
Season 1 is planned to start with the Update 0.17 launch and will include an exclusive reward vehicle.
Read more about the Lords of War mode in our Developer Diary!