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War Thunder: Project 1124 Armored River Boat: Waterborne Katyusha

Project 1124 Armored River Boat includes access to the War Thunder
Naval Battles CBT and is now available in our online shop!

Meet the Soviet pioneer of sea battles in War Thunder – the Project 1124 Armored River Boat,
with a rear-mounted Katyusha multiple rocket launcher. With her interesting history
and unique gameplay, this ship is sure to find her fans among War Thunder players.

The large Project 1124 armored river boat was developed in 1933-34 for a wide range of battlefield tasks in river waterways, (mostly the Amur River, from where it received its unofficial nickname ’Amurrian‘) and, in spite of its simple design and very uncomfortable crew quarters, this gunboat boasted leading developments in the Soviet industry for that time. Ship builders confirmed the design for a small, but well-defended boat with a draft of just 70 cm. Soviet aviation builders gave the boat her ’heart‘ – two aircraft engines from the TB-3 and MBR-2 bombers. Soviet gunsmiths gave the Amurrian boat the latest weaponry – turrets from the famous T-34 tank with a 76mm cannon, twin high-caliber DShK machine guns and even the legendary Katyusha multiple rocket launcher system.

The series 1124 boats carved out a colourful history in battle: The Battle of Stalingrad, Western Europe, Manchuria – these riverborne tanks provided support to infantry from the water, landed troops to the enemy flank or rear, were the first to break into the waterways of European cities destroying enemy fortifications with their cannons and rockets.

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The version of the boat in War Thunder with her Katyusha multiple rocket launcher system is a true monster in the hands of an able captain. The T-34 turret located in the bow of the boat provides a means to fire precisely at any vehicle's most vital modules and compartments even from a great distance. Two 12.7mm machine guns allow the gunboat to efficiently eliminate crews on enemy ships and low-flying aircraft. But the main destructive power of the Project 1124, lies in her M-13-M1 unguided rocket launcher, the legendary Katyusha, capable of raining down death and destruction with a single volley of 16 rockets, dealing simply catastrophic damage to enemy vehicles on water and ground alike.

In our game, the Project 1124 armored river boat armed with the Katyusha multiple rocket launcher system is available for pre-order in the online store. The boat is a premium vehicle and guarantees early access to the closed beta of War Thunder’s fleet warfare, where you’ll be able to try this wonderful vehicle in action. See you in battle – in the air, on the ground and at sea!

The War Thunder Team

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