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War Thunder: Type 11 PT-15: Shore Guard

The Japanese Type 11 PT-15 patrol torpedo boat is the first ship we would like
to present from the Japanese naval tech tree. Let's take a closer look at it.

After the end of the Second World War and the capitulation of the Japanese Empire, the fleet from the Land of the Rising Sun, once the mightiest in the world, was far from fully destroyed. Soon after the war, most institutions and departments of the naval forces were transformed into the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and for good reason. A maritime nation simply must defend its ocean territories. Today the Japanese military fleet is one of the largest in the world and continues the centuries-old traditions of Japan's sea warriors. Interestingly, only 15 torpedo boats were built in more than 20 years after the Maritime Self-Defense Force had been founded. After this, military doctrine changed and small ships were built for anti-submarine warfare instead.  

Today's hero is the Type 11 PT-15 torpedo boat, the last of its kind to be deployed by Japan. This vessel exhibits the typical features of the post-war Japanese boats that were built in the shipyards of Western countries. The PT-15 has good navigability thanks to its effective body lines around the midship frame, which became a characteristic of Japanese post-war vessels. The boat's powertrain of two diesel and two gas turbine engines had an overall output of 11,000 hp and allowed the boat to reach the impressive speed of 40 knots (over 70 km/h). In contrast to early post-war torpedo boat series, the armament of the PT-15 is doubly strong – she has four torpedo tubes equipped with American Mk 16 torpedoes and two automatic 40mm Bofors L/60 cannons on the bow and stern. It also has a crew complement of 28.

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In spite of her solid armament and large exterior, this torpedo boat is always at the front thanks to its excellent maximum speed in War Thunder. The PT-15's main task is to destroy naval targets regardless of their size and the boat does this job admirably. Her four large and powerful torpedoes, each weighing 1,800 kg, are her main tool for destroying larger vessels. Apart from their impressive mass, these American torpedoes are renowned for their more powerful explosive capabilities. A direct hit from one of these torpedoes deals catastrophic damage. Her 40mm cannons in rotating mounts provide a means to tear enemy ships and light ground targets (artillery, for example) to pieces, a single hit on an aircraft will almost always turn it into a fireball of debris and kerosene.

The Japanese naval line in War Thunder is very interesting.
Keep an eye on our news and get ready for fierce sea battles – see you soon!

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