War Thunder: Update 1.61 "Road to Glory"

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War Thunder presents

Update 1.61 "Road to Glory"

New Aircraft and Ground Vehicles, updated models, a new Season System for Squadron Battles, improved gameplay and much more! You can find the full list of changes in our changelog. 

Ground Vehicles

Т-62   USSRSturmpanzer IV   GermanyM60A1  USAM4A5  USA


P-47-N15  USAKi-100  JapanHe 111H-6  Germany

Vehicles from Теsting Ground “113” - "Operation S.U.M.M.E.R."

КV-220 F7F-3 "Tigercat" "Grant" Mk.I Fw 189 "Uhu"

Crew Reinforcements

The latest War Thunder mechanic – Reinforcement. You will be able to draft a new crew member on the battlefield

Season System for Squadron Battles

In War Thunder update 1.61, squadron battles will switch to a full-fledged seasonal system  with significantly increased the number of prize-winning places and made rewards more varied.

Check full list of changes in the Changelog

See you on the battlefield!