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Armored Warfare: Developer Digest - Lords of War

Welcome to a special issue of the Developer Digest series - find out more about the development of the game straight from the developers themselves, this time about the Lords of War mode!
The Lords of War Reputation and Credits income is too low!
They should be in line with the Reputation and Credits earned in PvP battle, but we'll be able to review this more in depth once we pull some data from Season 0. Rewards will however be improving dramatically in future season.

Does Prestige working as yet another currency?
Think of prestige as experience rather than a currency. Prestige points directly translate to your Prestige Level. Once you've reached a Prestige Level, you have earned the rewards associated with that level.

Are you happy with the 5v5 team size?
Team size is still something we are still tuning. We want to have battles that allow for interesting combos while also preventing the base team size from being a barrier to entry (it may be difficult for teams to get 8 players coordinated on a regular basis).

The “one map and one Tier per zone” makes the games repetitive.
We are working on a system to address the 1 map per conflict zone.

Any plans to improve the Lords of War User Interface?
The UI is going to be getting a rework to make it a little easier to understand and navigate.

Battalion teams should not be limited to 10 in size and rather contain all players of a battalion!
Being a competitive mode, we wanted to keep the roster size fairly small while allowing for a healthy number of substitutions. This ensures that the team as a competitive entity retains its meaning. You shouldn't be able to field, what are in essence numerous different teams, under a single team name.

Teams should not lose win streaks when switching (adding/removing) players to the assembly if they are registered on the team.
Agreed, this is something that will be changing.

Are you sure win streaks are a good way of measuring team quality?
Win streaks are an interesting way measure a team’s success. It avoids the pitfalls of an ELO system and allows for teams to join a season late and still have the potential to win. Again, this is Season 0 and based on the results, we can look at alternate methods (win rate, ranking, etc.)

Why are premade teams being matched with solo players?
Premades only get matched with solo players when the premade team is unable to field all of their members. This allows solo players to experience premade battles while also allowing premade teams to still play if they can't field a full team.

Can you explain how Matchmaking in Lords of War works?
Teams are matched by win streak. The Matchmaker starts with the teams who have the highest win streaks and places them in matches, then it works its way down until it hits the pool of teams who have a 0 win streak (after you lose a match, your win streak is reset to 0).

Do I need a vehicle of every class to join a team?
You don't need 1-2 of each class. That is the limit each team may bring. So you can only have 1-2 MBTs, 1-2, TDs, etc. Just so everyone is clear, you can run a team with 2 LTs, 2 MBTs and 1 TD. That leaves two classes you don't need to bring provided the tier has the appropriate vehicles available.

How are Lords of War rewards provided?
Rewards are currently provided at the end of the season. This is actually fairly standard with most "season" based rewards found in many other games. A more robust system that messages rewards more effectively is currently being worked on.

Why do we have to download 30GB of data to access the Lords of War Public Test Server?
Sorry, PTS builds for any game are typically mirrors of what they would be on live + the new content.

That's it for today. See you in the next issue!

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