Unity of Command was one of those games where humble origins gave rise to a pretty decent wargame set on the Eastern Front. We've known about another game coming for a while now, but we thought we'd catch up with leading man Tomislav Uzelac to find out how things are going. Tomislav was kind enough to share some screens from his recent GamesCom trip as well, which we've posted below.
Wargamer: So, what made you want to make a second game, and what's influenced the design choices you've made with the sequel?
Tomislav Uzelac: We’ve always had people asking us if we could take the game to other theatres, but the game system was really specifically designed for these big manoeuvre battles you see on the Eastern Front. Elsewhere, the system wouldn’t work as well: for example in the positional battles with steady attrition of the Italian campaign.
There’s also the question of representing the particular way of war for each faction: in the original game playing as the Soviets was a very different affair versus playing as the Axis. I wanted to get this right for the Allies as well, and then also make commanding US forces feel different than the British (this is not so easy to do).
Wargamer: A big, noticeable change is the graphics overhaul you've given it – did you feel this was important for the sequel? There's an argument a lot of the appeal from the first game was in its modest presentation.
Tomislav Uzelac: I just feel that wargamers should get nice things too, from time to time at least. I support the argument that presentation should not get in the way, but we’re doing our best to make this game equally readable as any 2D game out there. I kindly ask people to refrain from judgment until it’s out there and they’ve tried it (not really hoping for that).