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Armored Warfare: DON'T FEAR THE REAPER

We at Obsidian Entertainment and would like to express our gratitude for your support of Armored Warfare. By purchasing a Lord of War Founder's Pack early in Armored Warfare development, you have given us your trust and we have done our utmost not to break it.
And now, it's time for us to give back.
We are pleased to announce a very special mission that is exclusive to Lord of War Founder's Pack owners! Here's a unique chance to get your hands on a set of two awesome vehicles:
  • BMPT Terminator Reaper
  • Expeditionary Tank Reaper
Every Lord of War Founder's Pack owner who plays 5 battles in one of the main Armored Warfare modes (PvP, PvE on any difficulty, Global Operations) between November 21 (3 PM CET) and December 14 will receive the abovementioned Reaper Edition vehicles for free.
Please note:
  • once this event is over, Founder's Pack owners will not be able to obtain the Reaper vehicles for free again (with the exception of winning them in a contest)
  • the Reaper vehicles do not replace the original Founder's Pack BMPT and Expeditionary Tank, the Reaper and Lord of War Founder's Pack owners will effectively have two vehicles of each type at their disposal
  • the vehicles are awarded instantly after completing the Reaper Mission objective, although a client restart may be required in order for them to appear in the Garage
  • players who already own one or both Reaper vehicles will receive their full price in Gold instead (3250 Gold per vehicle), after completing the objectives
Thank you for staying with us – we'll see you on the battlefield!

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