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Armored Warfare: Veterans Day Stream

In honor of Veterans Day, Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to announce another 24-hour Charity Stream in cooperation with, a charity dedicated to helping veterans from the United States, NATO, Australia and New Zealand!
The stream will begin at 9 AM CET (00:00 PST) on the 10th of November 2016 on the official Armored Warfare Twitch channel.
Join the and Obsidian Entertainment staff as well as the following awesome Armored Warfare Streamers and help a good cause:
  • H3dsh0t
  • Caladine
  • Crazytercio (German)
  • Tristinmandrab
  • GAngelious
  • Mrnicolas360 (French)
  • Bike Man
  • Damingo62 (French)
  • Cmdr_Strayn
  • DJPsywarrior
  • Drizzintahl
To donate, visit the Armored Warfare Stack-Up Team Donation page.
Every donation of $5 or higher will be rewarded with a special prize – the T-62 Veteran Tier 3 Main Battle Tank! In addition, we’ll be giving away lots of prizes throughout the stream, including some T-64AV Hunters!
Please note:
  • You do not need to leave us your in-game name or server you play on. You will be required to provide your e-mail when you donate. We will be contacting you via e-mail, make sure that yours is correct!
  • The T-62 Veteran will be delivered in the form of a bonus code to the e-mail, submitted with the donation, after the event
  • The T-62 Veteran bonus code is not account-bound and can be given to other players
  • One e-mail can only receive one code
  • Only players who don’t have the T-62 Veteran yet can receive the reward provided by the code, the code will provide no reward to players who already own the T-62 Veteran
We hope that you will enjoy the stream – let’s help a good cause together!

About Stack-Up.Org

Stack-Up.Org (EIN: 47-5424265) is a military non-profit charity founded in 2015 by Captain Steven “Shanghai Six” Machuga (ret.) to proudly support US, NATO and ANZAC veterans with the power of gaming through three platforms:
  • Supply Crates: Stack-Up provides video game-filled supply crates to veterans deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals
  • Air Assaults: Stack-Up flies deserving veterans to various gaming events and to development studios for tours of their favorite titles
  • The Stacks: Through a shared language of gaming, veterans and civilians volunteer together locally to support veterans and their families back home through on-base events such as family support groups picnics or deployment ceremonies

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