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War Thunder: So-Ki: Elusive Twin Guns

The So-Ki is one of several experimental SPAAGs developed by Japan based on the Type 98 Ke-Ni light tank during World War II. Incredibly quick and maneuverable, and also armed with a pair of the best Japanese light anti-air guns of the war, allow us to introduce – the So-Ki anti-air tank!

The So-Ki is an experimental Japanese anti-air tank. The So-KI was one of several experimental SPAAGs developed by Japan during the Second World War. Vehicles of this type were created to provide cover for tank columns against unexpected assaults from enemy aircraft. The Type 98 Ke-Ni’s chassis was selected for use in the So-Ki project. It was equipped with twin 20 mm Type 98 cannons which were the most widespread light anti-aircraft gun in Japan’s Imperial Army between 1938 and the end of World War II.

The upper part of the Ke-Ni’s hull was slightly enlarged so it could house a platform for mounting its rotating twin guns. Armour plates were installed on the sides and rear of the platform to cover the crew from bullets and shrapnel. Before battle, the two side plates were tilted to the side, allowing the gun installation to rotate freely by 360°. The rear of the platform housed folding seating for the crew, under which an armoured crate contained the tank’s ammunition complement. The gun itself was also covered by an armour plate which rotated with it.
Development of the So-Ki prototype began in 1941 and continued to 1942. Based on test results, the twin guns’ stabilisation during shooting was seen as insufficient, so the So-Ki was not put into series production.

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It’s unlikely that any of our players will enjoy a high-explosive bomb suddenly landing on the roof of their tank. For this reason, we’ve made a special vehicle for Japanese tankers that can effectively prevent such an unpleasantry. The So-Ki is an excellent AA-vehicle that will be an indispensable addition to the hangar for all fans of Japanese armoured vehicles. Its automatic twinned 20 mm cannons can create a deadly screen in the path of enemy airplanes, and its fast and agile light tank chassis allows it to quickly evade answering bombs. The So-Ki has at its disposal not only anti-tank HE shells with a self-destruct fuse, but also solid armour-piercing ‘slugs’, which even enemy light tanks have a reason to fear. The tank’s decent rate of fire of 300 shots per minute is increased by the presence of two guns at once, which create even thicker fire when used together. The SPAAGs armour protects the crew from machine gun fire and shrapnel without limiting the vehicle’s maneuverability. The So-Ki completely inherits the road characteristics of the Ke-Ni, which was designed specially for fast assault operations. With 20 horsepower per ton and a maximum speed of 50 km/h, this anti-air tank is one of the fastest in the game! This excellent mobility allows you to quickly change position and open fire on enemy aircraft from the most unexpected points.

The So-Ki will be a beginner rank anti-air gun in the Japanese armour tech tree. Enemy airplanes are soon going to have some new problems – the So-Ki is rushing onto the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team!
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