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Armored Warfare: DEVELOPER Q&A - SESSION 6

Welcome to the newest Q&A Session where developers are answering questions posed by players.
We are not entirely satisfied with the current avatar and title system and are planning some an overhaul – but not in one of the updates coming in the near future, for now we have more important matters to deal with. However, we will take a look at the system in the foreseeable future and will consider how to improve its customization aspect.
We are planning to run some experiments with such a system – at least by allowing players to lock a target by holding the right mouse button, in which case the missile will home in on the target even if the aim reticle moves or the target disappears from the line of sight. If the internal testing is successful, we might introduce such mechanism to certain missiles such as the Spike system.
Yes. The Commander system will be overhauled in one of the upcoming updates. It will become more complex, it will take more effort to unlock and it will have very different Commander Skill selection system. The current Commander experience will be taken into account when transferring to the new system.
In Update 0.19, players are no longer receiving large amounts of low quality Boosters or Insignias. All the received boosters are quite valuable. However, we are also considering adding the option to convert several low-quality tokens to one of higher quality.
Are you planning to improve vehicle visual customization, for example by allowing players to change the size, tilt or placement of their decals? Or perhaps camouflage nets?
Yes. We are planning to introduce a "skin" system, allowing players to collect and keep various unique visual variants of existing vehicles in their Garage. We are also working on the decal system.
Will the T-80 vehicle branch have APS?
Yes, but only on the vehicles planned for its extension.
Will you add more data to the post-battle debriefing screen? It would be really cool to know for example how much Credits we earned and lost per game session or a winrate per session.
Something like that is not planned for now. But it's an interesting idea, we'll consider it.
Will you give us the ability to copy a name of a player from the debriefing screen? For intentionally confusing nicknames, it's very difficult to type that player's name when, for example, submitting a report to the Support service.
You can report players by right-clicking on their name in the debriefing result table. But we will also add the ability to copy the nickname.
Will the "Frontline" map be overhauled in the future?
That map has issues and we are planning its improvements both to balance and visually. This will, however, not happen immediately as we are currently working on a large number of other maps, both new and overhauled.
Can you implement an animation of ammo rack explosion?
It's already in the game.
Are you going to make the gun barrel visible in the sniper view mode?
We considered this idea and we are planning to introduce something like that in the future but it won't come very soon.
Will you make some improvements to the Replay system? What I currently lack the most is the ability to properly rewind or jump to a particular moment.
We are planning to improve the Replay system step by step. The first step will be the ability to jump to a specific moment. After that we will add the faster rewind option.
That's it for today! Got questions for the developers? Please submit them on the forums!
We'll see you on the battlefield!

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