Armored Warfare: UPDATE 0.20 ON PTS - NEW GARAGE UI

Ok, I am not sure what to think of this - need time to process. -armedbushido

Hello everyone,

Quick heads up. Update 0.20 is coming to RU PTS. We'll have a proper preview for tomorrow, but generally speaking, 0.20 is more of a 0.19 extension. The biggest feature is the new Garage UI. One of the most common pieces of feedback from new players and veterans alike is that the existing Garage interface is too confusing even for experienced users. One of the development priorities of the past months was therefore to introduce a new Garage Interface that will drastically enhance the player experience by providing a more intuitive way to manage your vehicles, game modes and all the other accessory systems. We are happy to introduce the results of our endeavor in Update 0.20!

The Garage is the first screen any new player sees and is therefore one of the most important elements of Armored Warfare. This includes both the Garage looks and its interface. In Update 0.20, the User Interface is undergoing a significant overhaul – here are a few examples:

- Player name and portrait were moved to an independent sub-page called Dossier
- The crew and commander block was moved to the left side of the screen
- Vehicle characteristics were moved to the right part of the screen
- Complete overhaul of the UI graphics

Proper update preview tomorrow