Armored Warfare: First Season Prize Revealed!

So digging around today it looks like the Season One Prize will be the Anti-Air Abrams.  This really a surprise and it looks like SilentStalker confirmed.
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Looks like we have a winner 

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lol i totally forgot about that
so on what tier it will be, 9 ?
Tier 9 or 10, that depends on the developers. And it actually has 12 tubes (the raised part is one of two).

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Seriously? I really didn't think that gonna be the prize, though it fit epic part.
What did I win? 
The knowledge of the prize 

Very interesting - hoping for a offical post on Armored Warfare site. -armedbushido
Check this out. The source of this is the American Journal of Military Ordnance, more than 2 decades old. It’s amazing what you can find in the old sources. Very special thanks to Captain Nemo for this one.
This is a proposed AA variant of the Abrams MBT, equipped with two 35mm Bushmaster Mk.III cannons and an ADATS missile launcher from the early 1990s. It was designated M1/AGDS (Air-Ground Defense System). Existing M1 tanks were to be converted to this mobile AA vehicle, intended to provide short-to-medium range AA support against slower airplanes and helicopters. The guns were guided by a dual-beam X-band pulse Doppler radar with the range of 25km. Each could fire approximately 250 rounds per minute of 35mm anti-air and anti-armor rounds, can engage ground targets. The vehicle was to carry two 500 round magazines for AA rounds and small 40-50 round magazines for AP rounds. Maximum gun range – approximately 3km.
The 152mm ADATS missiles are dual-purpose and weigh 51kg. They combine HEAT and HE-FRAG capabilities and maximum AA range of some 7-8km (depending on the type of target). Can be used against both air and ground targets (maximum ground range is approximately 10km).
The M1/AGDS proposal was never built.
Also Gamestone Armored Warfare has an image that I am not sure where it came from.  I felt bad reposting because I was not sure of the source and the site deserves the credit.