Armored Warfare: UPDATE 0.21 Features - Russian Server

Here is the Update 0.21 features, taken for the Russian Server website.  There are many awesome items, but the simple one that caught my eye was the minimal garage.  I was not a fan of the new garage UI, however I think the minimal works well. -armedbushido

August 3  update is set to  0.21 ! Meet the new technique, new maps for PvP and "Collision" modes, changes in shells, economy and balance corrections of technology!


You are waiting for six new cars!
Czech and Polish tanks
BVP Šakal
BMS of the 6th level. The project of improvement of licensed copies of BMP-2, which were in service with the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
KTO Rosomak
BMS 7th level. Polish licensed copy of the Finnish Patria. It is characterized by a modular layout, modern fire control systems and a warning about laser irradiation.
KTO Rosomak M1
BMS of the 8th level. Modification KTO Rosomak, created for the fighting in Afghanistan. Equipped with composite screens, improved communication system and video cameras.
WPB Anders
LT of the 9th level. Experimental light tank, designed and built by the Polish company OBRUM.
Wilk XC-8
IT of the 10th level. Modification of the fire support Wilk. It features a more powerful 120-mm gun, a lightweight tower structure and increased security.
Chinese tank
Type 99
OBR 8 level. The serial version of OBT 9910, the main difference of which was built-in dynamic protection. 


The behavior of the shells has now become more understandable and predictable, and different types of ammunition are even better able to cope with the tasks for which they are intended. The system of damage to BCS has been revised. Now they will deal 25% additional damage when breaking through the armor. The fourth slot for projectiles will return to the game again! Bonus damage to tandem BCS will be 30%; CBS - 35%.


"Panama Canal"
Introducing a new PvP card in the "Project of Armata" - "Panama Canal": this time you will have to fight for one of the most grandiose engineering structures in the world. The Panama Canal is still one of the key strategic points. Without exaggeration, one who will establish control over this territory will have access to virtually unlimited resources and will determine the economy of the whole world.
The size of the map is 1300 by 1300 meters. Actions will unfold around the Panama Canal proper. Technical facilities, bridges over the canal, jungle and hills - the map is diverse and offers a variety of gameplay options.
"Nadym"  and  "Kosice"
After processing, the cards " Nadym " and  "Kosice" are returned , which are now available in both PvP and "Collision" mode.
The "Bezmer" map  for the "Collision" mode has been redesigned  - one more phase has been added.


Fans of minimalism and players who want to improve the performance of the game client, for sure, will like the simplified version of the hangar. Now when you start the game for all users with enabled low graphics settings, a minimalist hangar is included by default, which will raise the FPS in the hangar. Switch back is possible in the "Settings" menu. Nothing superfluous - just tanks!


Improved interface in the game. Work is continuing to improve and refine the interface in the game. The most noticeable changes occurred in the suppliers catalog, the customization menu of technology, the windows of post-match statistics and the conversion of game resources.