War Thunder: Invite a friend - now with even bigger rewards!

Dear Players!
War Thunder is all about fighting together with your team for victory. Drawing up a plan and tactics with your friends and seeing them come to fruition is an amazingly rewarding experience in itself - but now, we are going to make sure it's more than rewarding on all levels.
Starting today, inviting your friends to join you on the battlefields of War Thunder has never been more... profitable! Every player can generate his own referral link easily, and will receive new rewards as listed below whenever their friend reaches a certain rank for any nation in War Thunder:
RankOld Rewards New Rewards
50 000 >70 000 
100  >500  
500 >2 500  

Extra Bonus:
Get a unique Crew Slot for all nations
when ten friends reach Rank III! 
That's right: Referrers can now earn more than six times the amount of Golden Eagles compared to before, and naturally the bonus stacks the more active players you invite. On top of that, don't forget that you'll receive a unique extra crew slot for all nations, should ten of the friends you've invited reach rank III. 
It's also a good deal for anyone who joins the game as well! Any new player registering through a referral link receives 50  as a gift.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your personal referral link today and start spreading the word - to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Steam and the clanmates that haven't yet started to play for some mysterious reason!

New bonuses will be applied only on the new achievements of invited players.
The incorrect output of the difference between the old and new bonus system will be fixed.

See you - and your friends - on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

Update, July 30th:
When the new system of friend invites was activated, an error occurred which repeatedly issued bonuses to players who participated in the "Invite a friend" program. Yesterday, the Golden Eagles and Silver Lions that were issued by mistake were removed. This could have resulted in negative balance on your accounts if you spent these bonuses - if this is the case, your balance will be returned to zero during 24 hours. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.