Ok, I am on the fence about this one.  Being on the NA Server I hope they do like War Thunder and have cross-platform.  This would really help with the low polulation that NA see's for PvP.  On the other hand I feel this was time spent that could have been used to polish more on the bugs and such.  The game is far from ready for prime time.  Overall it does not affect me much, I tried WoT and WT on my PS4 and it not a fun experience in general.  Also I will assume like WT that you will have to separate accounts because of Sony and the PS4 business model.  So since it separte like NA and EU it would be like starting over again.  Like Patton I do not like paying for the same ground twice. -armedbushido

Commanders! is proud to announce that the modern tank shooter Armored Warfare is coming to the Playstation® 4 console!
The major features of the PS4 version include all the elements known from the PC version of the game, such as:
  • Five vehicle classes, from unyielding Main Battle Tanks to stealthy Tank Destroyer snipers
  • Player versus Player – challenging, fast-paced combat
  • Player versus Environment – you and your friends versus relentless AI-controlled enemies
  • Global Operations – large scale battlefield of the future
The introduction of Armored Warfare to Playstation® 4 marks a new chapter in the franchise history. PC players too will receive additional attention as we reaffirm our focus on the future of tank combat.
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We’ll see you on the battlefield!