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War Thunder: Devblog: New customization options for ground vehicles

We are introducing two new different historical customization options as promised: the first one affects the vehicle’s characteristics - mounted armour and other protection elements. The second one is based on personalisation, this may either help to camouflage a player's vehicle, or enhance customisation,! Let’s have a look at the details. PREVIOUSLYNEW FEATURE Mounted armour and protection elementsMounted armour and protection elements is functional additional protection for a vehicle that is visually displayed on the tank’s model after it has been researched or purchased as a module in the “modification” tab. The protection elements mean improvised protection that was mounted by the crew as a field modification such as sandbags or additional track links. We plan to introduce these elements for the majority of ground vehicles in the game. Currently, the modifications are available for the following machines: T-34 1941Т-34 1942Т-34-85 ZIS-S-53Sherman Firefly VСChurchill Мk.VIIМ4А3Е8…

Armored Warfare: April Fools?

This was posted on t he Armored Warfare twitter account - April Fools?

To celebrate 100k Likes on the FB page, enjoy +100% Credits/Rep from all battles from April 1-4!
Personally I think this is legit because they where running the campaign for it.  Still if its a "joke" - poor taste...



World of Tanks: Find Out What's Coming in April!

April is just around the corner, and we just couldn't contain our excitement! Not only does April have the Grand Finals, our most prestigious World of Tanks competition, it also marks five years of World of Tanks in the Americas! Join us in celebration with rewards, discounts, and brand-new tanks in the Premium Shop! Details on each event will be published on the date specified. On Track to the Maus We're kicking off April with missions and discounts on the German heavy tank line leading up to theMausDetails: March 31
Turán III in the Premium Shop All month, you can get your hands on the Turán III, a tier V Hungarian medium tank, making its debut on the battlefield by accurately landing penetrating shots to enemy vehicles before making a quick getaway.

General: T-90 vs TOW missile

The Washington Post has picked up the story of a Russian built T-90 tank in Syria being attacked with a US built TOW missile.  Video of this incident first appeared in late February and made the rounds in various news outlets and websites.  The original video cuts off shortly after the missile appears to strike the tank, leaving it unclear as to how much damage was inflicted by the attack.  The Washington Post article shows a photo of the T-90 tank taken from the website “War Is Boring” which shows that the T-90 survived the attack largely intact, with the damage being limited to, ironically, the Shtora  counter-measure system.  The Shtora system is intended to electronically disrupt missiles such as the TOW, although in this particular instance the system was either not turned on or not working.  The ineffectiveness of the TOW missile in this particular instance is being attributed to the Kontakt-5 reactive armor which protects the T-90.  The article notes that the TOW missile used i…


We’re excited to share the team at Obsidian will be hosting their third on-site Armored Warfare streamfrom their offices in sunny Irvine, California this Wednesday, March 30th at 3:00pm PDT (midnight CEST)on the official Armored Warfare Twitch channel! Join Obsidian’s Community Manager Michael "Spunky" Dunaway and several of AW's senior developers as they discuss all the awesome new stuff that’s coming to Armored Warfare! The topics discussed will include: Tank Destroyer gun depression changesNew PvE missions "Cerberus" and "Albatross"M1134 ATGMNew PvP map "Highwall"MBT changes - both present and upcomingAs part of the stream, Project Director Rich Taylor will be taking some time to answer some of the community's top questions about Armored Warfare and the latest update! If you would like a chance at having your questions answered make sure to post them in our official pre-stream question thread! The team will be checking the thread regularl…

Armored Warfare: IN DEVELOPMENT: AMX-13

The AMX-13 is a French Light Tank, known for its incredibly long service. Where other designs from the late 1940s are long obsolete, the AMX-13 continues to serve with distinction. Designed in the late 1940s, it represents a radical departure from wartime designs. When France fell to the German invasion in 1940, its armored vehicles were perhaps not the best in the world, but modern designs such as the Somua S35 were quite advanced. Unfortunately these vehicles were never deployed in very large numbers and were only entering service in 1940. Instead, it was the older designs like the Char B1, French Renault and Hotchkiss light tanks, and even the venerable FT-17 that bore the brunt of the attack.

French armor development continued in secret during the war and several interesting tanks were conceived between 1940 and 1945, but the occupation ultimately didn’t allow for any of these vehicles to progress beyond the drawing board stage. After the war, France quickly learned that the armored …

Armored Warfare: Support Us on Facebook!

Do you like Armored Warfare? Here's your chance to support it and earn a nice bonus in the process - support us on Facebook!

Here's how you do it - go to the official Armored Warfare Facebook page and press "Like". And that's it! As simple as that.
When we reach 100.000 "Likes" on our official Facebook page (or shortly thereafter), we will activate a 100% (x2) Credit and Reputation income bonus for both servers for two days!
Support Armored Warfare and gain extra Credits and Reputation!


Armored Warfare: Update 0.14 with Mighty Jingles

Check out the latest update with everyone's favourite Youtuber, the Mighty Jingles! In this video he addresses the major features of Update 0.14: ReplaysWOLF Edition vehiclesTank Destroyer and Light Tank balance adjustmentsand more. Find out what his impression is in his latest Armored Warfare video!

Armored Warfare: Community Highlight - Pt.15

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of the Community Highlight series, dedicated to the community members of Armored Warfare, their contributions and their interaction with the developers. Find out more about the game, learn something new and check out the cool community content! and Obsidian Entertainment Events and Content

Interview with Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor (Armored Warfare Lead Developer) and Michael Dunaway (Obsidian Entertainment Community Manager) recently gave an interview to the Czech portal (available in Czech here). Here's what they said about the future of Armored Warfare:
Tier 10 vehicles will come relatively soonThe developers are working on more ideas for the artillery vehicle class, they will be introduced soonMore maps and missions will be introduced in the futureThe developers are not interested in re-creating battles of the past, the game has its own storyline, more of which will be unveiled in the futureThe next branch to appear in Armored…


The hour grows late, the Blood Moon is rising and the Wolf Pack is on the hunt once again. Tonight, noone is safe from its slavering jaws as ravenous beasts roam the countryside, ready to devour man and machine alike. Introducing the WOLF Edition vehicles - the relentless killers of Armored Warfare! From the 24th of March to the 6th of April 2016, players will have the opportunity to add the following vehicles to their garage: BMD-2 WOLF (Tier 5 Premium AFV)Wiesel 1 WOLF (Tier 7 Premium AFV)Centauro 120 WOLF (Tier 7 Premium TD)Challenger 1 WOLF (Tier 7 Premium MBT)All four vehicles will be available in the Wolf Pack bundle as well. Each vehicle also comes with a free Boost bonus. Please note that boosts do not stack with each other. Premium Time and Boosts do however stack. Obtaining multiple boosts allows you to save them in your Inventory and to activate them later on. Get your Wolf Pack now! WEEKEND OF THE WOLF To sweeten the hunting with your newly acquired pack of wolves, from the 25t…