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General: Test Driving Our Custom Tank

General: Incredible Video of the Railgun Armor Penetration Test

World of Tanks: T26E5 - SNEAK PEEK with QuickyBaby

General: 3 Newest Tanks showcased at latest Exhibitions: T-90MS Proryv-3, PT-16, ...

War Thunder: “Halloween Mischief!” updated 28/10/2016

Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 From 15:00 GMT, 28th of October to 07:00 GMT, 1st of November Take part in races in the air and on the ground, get “Witch's Cauldron” trophy with 3D Decorations and decals.
More details soon!
On “All Hallows eve”, diabolical beasties and spirits run amok, causing mischief and mayhem. Fight the good fight, defeat evil, see off the ghosts and the ghoulies, the witches and warlocks. War Thunder pilots and tankers will not stand idle while chaos reigns, grab some of the action and compete for the right to grab a souvenir chunk of Halloween. Compete for the “Witches Cauldron” trophy in which you can get:


Today, on October 28, the Czech Republic is celebrating the 98th anniversary of the declaration ofCzechoslovak Independence. Independent Czechoslovakia rose from the ashes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, following years of both political and armed struggle. The declaration of independence was a culmination of this effort, but it did not bring immediate peace. Even though the Great War was over, a number of small wars erupted (such as the Hungarian-Czechoslovak war of 1918-1919) and the entire region only became stable several years afterwards. Nevertheless, October 28 is one of the most important days for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to celebrate it we have prepared several bonuses for all players on the North American and European servers. CZECHOSLOVAK INDEPENDENCE DAY BONUSES OnOctober 28 2016, all players will receive the following bonuses and discounts: Czech Flagdecal can be purchased with a 90% discount until the end of the daySlovak Flagdecal can be purchased with a 90% disco…

Armored Warfare: Halloween Tank-o-Lantern Contest

It's that time of year again – a time of ghosts, pumpkins and mystery! Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present their Halloween Tank-o-Lantern Contest!

From October 27 to November 2 2016 (11 AM CET), players have the opportunity to submit pictures of either their carved pumpkins or themselves in an Armored Warfare-related costume in the dedicated forum thread.
The community team will select the 5 best costumes and 5 best pumpkins and we will give you the opportunity to vote for the winners on Facebook.
We will share a Facebook gallery with the 10 entries on November 3 and 4 and you will be able to nominate the 3 winners for each category by liking your favorite submissions. The winners will be announced on November 7 in a Community Highlight article.
PrizesTo make the contest interesting, we have prepared a very special set of prizes. The Founder's Pack BMPT Terminator and Expeditionary Tank make their return after a year from the Open Beta Launch with a ban…

Armored Warfare: Introducing Update 0.18

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to introduce the the newest addition to Armored Warfare - Update 0.18, bringing one of the most awaited features - the Global Operations mode!
Apart from the Global Operations mode, there are several exciting features in Update 0.18, including:
Garage 2.0Alabino Proving GroundsWheeled Vehicle Physics UpdatePvE Mission Harbinger OverhaulChanges to Anti-Tank Guided Missilesas well as a large number of issue fixes and correction, the list of which is available in the Update Changes section below.
Global OperationsGlobal Operations is a PvP and PvE hybrid game mode that is unique in the genre, blending longer term strategy with moment to moment tactics. In Global Operations, players participate in large scale, dynamic battles.

This mode introduces improvements to the core Armored Warfare rules, including:
Respawning to allow players to be engaged in the battle for much longerPrimary objectives that change throughout the matchSecondary objectives c…