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Armored Warfare: In Development: Object 640 "Black Eagle"

One of the things driving western tank development in the late 1980s and 1990s was the fear of next generation Soviet (and later Russian) Main Battle Tanks that were expected to appear in the service of the Red Army in the future. It was thought that these monsters would surpass even the most modern western MBT and much effort was put into developing measures to counter them. In the end, such fears never materialized and the Russians stuck with improving their trusted but far-from-revolutionary T-72 and T-90 MBTs.
The thing about monsters is that sometimes they are real.

In the early 1990s, the Russians were testing several very advanced Main Battle Tank prototypes or demonstrators and one was Object 640, also known under its marketing name of Black Eagle (which is sometimes incorrectly used for Object 195).
Object 640 was developed as a fourth generation tank prototype in Omsk, the manufacturer of the T-80U Main Battle Tank. It featured a large number of truly advanced feature…

Armored Warfare: Balance 2.0 - Compensation

Greetings Commanders
As we understand many of the Balance 2.0 changes are drastic on both a progression and premium level, we have compiled a comprehensive compensation plan for all players.

First and foremost, the following actions will take place:
All Retrofits will be sold and their full Credit price will be refundedAll Crew skills will be reset and previous accrued Crew Experience will be reimbursed to each crew (Crews will not lose their Experience, but players will have to select the skills)All Commander skills will be reset and previously accrued Commander Experience will be reimbursed to each Commander (Commanders will not lose their Experience, but players will have to select the skills)These resets and refunds are necessary due to the drastic changes to the mechanisms, which have beendescribed elsewhere.
Vehicle Progression CompensationIn Update 0.19, each player will keep his or her current progression, but also be given the option to perform a Progression Reset. The de…


The Kampfpanzer 70 is the German sibling of the American MBT-70 program, born from the 1963 cooperation agreement between West Germany and the United States. To this day, it remains a cautionary tale of how not to develop a tank and while it was certainly not the only blunder in American or German armor-designing history, it is one of the best known ones. Kampfpanzer 70 The development of Kampfpanzer 70 started with the need to replace the aging M48 and M60 tanks in both countries. These tanks weren’t bad of course and numerous upgrades were developed for them, resulting in some extreme lifespan extensions, but in the end, even the M60 was still just an interim vehicle that was intended to be replaced. What was needed was something far more advanced and capable of facing the advanced Soviet tanks the analytics feared. To that end, the United States and West Germany signed a cooperation agreement in August 1963, followed by a December 1963 agreement between the companies that were to make…

Armored Warfare: MAINTENANCE - UPDATE 0.18.2970

On the 16th of December 2016, starting from 8:00 AM CET (EU server) and 12 AM PST (NA server), the Open Beta servers will not be available for four hours (until approximately 12:00 CET - 4 AM PST) due to the application of Update 0.18.2970. LIST OF UPDATE 0.18.2970 CHANGES Added two special New Year edition vehicles - Taifun II CLAW and RDF/LT CLAWAdded an updated version of the Christmas Garage - now about 20% cooler!Fixed several collision rock collision models on the Reactor PvP mapFixed the issue where one of the houses on the Scorpio PvE map was floatingPlease note that the maintenance can be extended beyond the abovementioned timeframe. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Commanders! Holidays are coming to Armored Warfare! To arrange a proper welcome, we have prepared a set of bonuses and discounts for you to enjoy! FIRST VICTORY OF THE DAY BONUS To kick things off, we’ll start with a Reputation boost! From December 16 to December 23, all players will receive a 300% (x4) bonus to Reputation income for the first victory of the day! This bonus will be active during the following times: European server - December 16 (12:00 CET) to December 23 (12:00 CET)North American server - December 16 (12 PM PST) to December 23 (12 PM PST) PREMIUM VEHICLE DISCOUNT First victory of the day Reputation bonus is nice to have, but Credits are important as well – and the best Credit makers in Armored Warfare are Premium vehicles! From December 16 2016 to January 1 2017, all Premium Vehicles available within the game client will receive a 50% discount! This discount will be active during the following times: European server - December 16 (00:01 CET) to January 1 (23:59 CET)North Ameri…

War Thunder: Type 74: The Height of Technology

The Type 74 is a Japanese main battle tank developed in 1973 to replace the outdated Type 61. Many advanced technical solutions of the time were used in this tank’s design, the most important of which will soon make a nice surprise for all tankers in War Thunder without exception. Meet the flagship Japanese Type 74 tank with active hydropneumatic suspension! The Type 74 is a Japanese main battle tank developed by Mitsubishi in 1973 to replace the outdated Type 61. Mitsubishi was commissioned to create a new tank in 1962, when it became clear that the Type 61 was no longer capable of effectively doing battle with the newer Soviet tanks like the T-62. The new vehicle was intended to possess all the most modern solutions used in the designs of the best main battle tanks of the NATO countries of the era. For example, it borrowed the idea of active hydropneumatic suspension from the German/American MBT-70 project, allowing the tank’s clearance and lean angle to be changed automatically. The …