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Armored Warfare: Get your Gold Back!

Obsidian Entertainment and are happy to announce the Get your Gold Back event!

From the 31st of August 00:01 CEST (30th of August 3:01 PM PDT) to the 1st of September 9:00 CEST (0:01 PDT), players who spend Gold on any item available either within the game or on the Armored Warfare website will receive all the spent Gold back in 14 days (on the 14th of September)!
Important: Please note that only the Gold that was purchased during this event will be returned.
Gold, purchased before the event will not be returned. A player, who purchases 6000 Gold during the event but spends 7000 Gold will only receive 6000 Gold on the 14th of September.
Don't forget about our other offers:
Gold and Battle-Hardened Bonus (ends on the 1st of September, 9:00 AM CEST/0:01 AM PDT)Legendary Summer Sale (ends on the 1st of September, 13:00 CEST/4:00 AM PDT)We hope you will enjoy this offer and will see you on the battlefield!

Armored Warfare: Legendary Summer Sale

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present the Legendary Summer Sale! It's time to say goodbye to August with a blast!

For the next 24 hours, players have the opportunity to get their hands on special edition bundles! All special edition vehicles come with:
Unique camouflageLevel 5 crewPremium statusPlease note that players, who already own one or more special edition vehicles will receive their price in Gold upon purchasing one of the packs. This does however not count as a "gold purchase" for the "gold return" purposes.
Don't forget about our other offers:
Gold and Battle-Hardened Bonus (ends on the 1st of September, 9:00 AM CEST/0:01 AM PDT)Get your Gold Back! (ends on the 1st of September, 9:00 AM CEST/0:01 AM PDT)WOLF Legendary PackBecome the Alpha of your very own Wolf Pack! Whether you prefer stalking your prey from distance or going for the throat up close and personal, your Wolves have you covered.
WOLF Legendary Pack Contents:

Armored Warfare: Bonus Reputation Week

Obsidian Entertainment and are happy to announce the Bonus Reputation Week event!

For the next few days, all players will be able to enjoy additional bonus to their PvP and PvE Reputation income for their first victory of the day instead of the usual 100% (x2) bonus:
August 30 to September 1 - 200% bonus (x3)September 2 to September 6 - 300% bonus (x4)Please note that the event ends at 9 AM CEST (00:01 PDT) on Tuesday, the 6th of September 2016.
We hope you will enjoy this bonus and will see you on the battlefield!

Armored Warfare: Developer Digest - Pt.12

Welcome to the twelfth issue of the Developer Digest series - find out more about the development of the game straight from the developers themselves!

In today's issue, Joshua Morris, Senior Producer (NA), answers player questions!
Questions to Joshua MorrisCan’t you publish an update schedule in advance so that we know what is coming?
We will not give a schedule of our updates until we are sure particular issues are being fixed in a particular update, giving a longer road map leads to trouble in case of slippage. I would say the focus for the next 3-4 updates will continue to balance, bug fixing, and additional content and by the end of the year you should see a pretty drastic change in terms of both balance and polish. I have seen the roadmap, and I am confident that if we can deliver we will be in a position to release the game and give it the exposure it deserves. Hang in there.
You mentioned the end of the year as target for dramatic changes. I presume that those w…

General: The World's 5 Most Lethal Tanks

The top five most lethal tanks today aren’t necessarily the newest or most expensive. Each does one thing particularly well to stand out from the crowd, making it an extremely dangerous opponent on the battlefield. The world of the tank—an armored fighting vehicle equipped with a large main gun, tracks, and whose mission is to conduct mechanized warfare on the modern battlefield—has stagnated. Look around at the tank fleets of all the major powers and most so-called main battle tanks have been in service since the 1990s—or even the 1980s. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the shift to terrorism have placed tank forces on the back burner—or, in the case of the Netherlands, eliminated them entirely. Most tanks—at least those in the arsenals of the West—are pretty much the same in terms of overall capability. Many countries, such as South Korea, have used the slowdown to catch up to the status quo. The top five most lethal tanks today aren’t necessarily the newest or most expensive. E…

General: Iranian state television revealed footage of new Karrar main battle tank

Dawn of War III: Studio Visit - First hands-on of Dawn of War III at Relic Entertainment

General: Blended CALFEX at 7th Army Training Command

World of Tanks: Swedish Vehicles Revealed & Possible New Mechanics? || World of Tanks

War Thunder: Interview with Saburo Sakai

How much do you know about aces, engineers and historical characters? Usually our knowledge is limited to such sources as online encyclopedias and short notes in a game’s news. After so many years after the war really important discoveries are extremely rare and personal contact with such people is what one may only dream about, thus every single piece of information like this, is invaluable. One of our War Thunder players decided to share it with you, we are extremely grateful and we hope you will be too. Here, at the suggestion of the administration, I would like to tell you about my personal meeting with the legendary Japanese flying ace Saburo Sakai. This meeting was surprising to me in many respects, and to be honest, before I met him, I knew almost nothing about him, since I hadn’t looked into the history of Japan in World War II in much depth. Being satisfied with common knowledge, all I knew was that there was a Japanese pilot who survived after taking a high-caliber machine-gu…

War Thunder: PT-810: The American Leviathan

We are pleased to present another hero of War Thunder naval warfare:
the heavily armed American PT-810 torpedo boat.The PT-810 was one of four experimental boats built in 1945 with various armaments, but with an identical powertrain. She is a rather large patrol torpedo boat with a draft displacement of 90 tons. The craft was designed to be equipped with armaments of several types at once. The first, of course, was torpedoes: four torpedo tubes with Mk 16 torpedoes were located along the vessel’s sides. In the stern, the engineers placed two depth charge launchers. They also didn’t skimp on artillery armament: the experience of real-life battles had resulted in some significant corrections to the requirements for patrol boats. Two single Bofors 40 mm guns were placed in rotating turrets in the bow and stern of the boat. Two twin Oerlikon 20mm guns were mounted on the bridge and above the engine compartment. As if this wasn't enough, the boat was also equipped with an 81 mm Mk 2 Mod…

General: Turkish military deploys 9 more tanks to north Syria: Reports

At least nine more Turkish military tanks have entered northern Syria a day after Ankara began its first major US-backed incursion of its southern neighbor in what it called an anti-Daesh operation.   With the new deployment, there are now some 20 Turkish tanks inside Syria, Reuters quoted an unnamed Turkish official as saying on Thursday. “We need construction machinery to open up roads ... and we may need more in the days ahead. We also have armored personnel carriers that could be used on the Syrian side. We may put them into service as needed,” the official said. The so-called Operation Euphrates Shield, which kicked off on Wednesday morning, involves the Turkish air force and special ground forces. Ankara says the offensive is aimed at ridding the border area of Daesh militants and Kurdish forces. READ MORE

General: South Korean Tanks!

Armored Warfare: with Tanks for the Mammeries - M60-2000 Gameplay and Review

General: How to build a 2/5 th scale SHERMAN Tank. part 1

Armored Warfare: Gold and Battle-Hardened Bonus

Interested in buying some Gold? Here's a chance to get it with a bonus! Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present the bonuses to all Gold Purchases! Additionally, the Battle-Hardened status is now available with a discount.

Bonus to Gold PurchasesFrom the 26th of August to the 1st of September 2016 (9:00 AM CEST, 0:01 PDT), players will receive up to 30% bonus Gold for every Gold purchase:
European Server
27500 Gold Bundle - 8250 Gold Bonus for a total of 35750 Gold16500 Gold Bundle - 4950 Gold Bonus for a total of 21450 Gold5500 Gold Bundle - 1100 Gold Bonus for a total of 6600 Gold2750 Gold Bundle - 550 Gold Bonus for a total of 3300 Gold1650 Gold Bundle - 330 Gold Bonus for a total of 1980 Gold1100 Gold Bundle - 220 Gold Bonus for a total of 1320 GoldNorth American Server
25000 Gold Bundle - 7500 Gold Bonus for a total of 32500 Gold15000 Gold Bundle - 4500 Gold Bonus for a total of 19500 Gold5000 Gold Bundle - 1000 Gold Bonus for a total of 6000 Gold2500 Gold Bundl…


Our next set of answers from the development team is in - learn about the development of the game in this round of questions and answers! Question: Do you have any plans for more Israeli premium vehicles?
Answer: We currently have no active plans to introduce another Israeli premium. That being said, we may choose to introduce one around the same time we introduce the full Israeli MBT progression line. Question: Will there be more "active" skills implemented?
Answer: We are currently evaluating the future of all active skills for each class but we are not ready to share specifics at this time. Question: Does the Terminator-3 article mean the confirmation of the T-15 getting the 57mm turret, or it will be a new vehicle by itself?
Answer: We currently do not have any short or medium term plans to introduce the 57mm turret to the T-15. Question: With the recent unveiling of the Rheinmetall 130mm cannon, will Obsidian consider introducing it to the in-game Leopard 2A7 as an alternate g…