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General: Tank Museum Ad

This is a strange ad for a tank museum - I think polish?

War Thunder: Type 2 Ho-I – A Volatile Ally

The Type 2 Ho-I  is a fire-support tank created with the aim of providing proficient reinforcement to armored divisions. This zippy and maneuverable medium tank is equipped with a 75 mm gun with semi-armor-piercing shells chock full of explosives. How did it turn out in the end?​ The Type 2 Ho-I is a medium fire-support tank. Its development began back in 1937. Based on experience obtained during military operations in Manchuria, the Japanese military command decided that it would be nice to have a tank with a powerful cannon capable of destroying well reinforced enemy firing positions. Since a support tank must move in tandem with regular tank divisions and with the other vehicles, the highly maneuverable Chi-Ha medium tank was selected as a basis for the Ho-I. In 1942, the Chi-Ha was equipped with the short-barreled 75 mm Type 99 cannon, which was a recast of a German mountain gun produced under license in Japan. And so the Type 2 Ho-I was born. The Ho-I medium tank was intended for p…


Commanders, Powerful, modern technology is all well and good, but every vehicle is only as good as its commander and his or her trusted crew. Here’s your chance to train your crews and commanders much faster! From November 29 to December 1 2016, all players will receive the following bonuses: 100% bonus (x2) to Reputation income100% bonus (x2) to Commander XP income300% bonus (x4) to Crew XP incomeThese bonuses will be active during the following times: European server - November 29 (00:01 CET) to December 1 (23:59 CET)North American server - November 29 (12:01 AM PST) to December 1 (11:59 PM PST)We hope that you will enjoy the event and will see you on the battlefield!

Armored Warfare: COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHT - PT.48

Welcome to the newest issue of the Community Highlight series, dedicated to the community members of Armored Warfare and their contributions. Find out more about the game, learn something new and check out the cool community content! OFFICIAL EVENTS THIS WEEK The Black Friday Reaper offer will end soon, as will the 20% discount on all Collector's Editions! Only 24 hours remaining! Don't Fear the Reaper - learn about the chance for Lord of War Founder's Pack owners to receive the BMPT Reaper and the Expeditionary Tank Reaper for free!Black Friday Sales - the Reaper and MERC vehicles are now available for sale until November 29, 12:00 CET (3 AM PST)!Black Friday Special - one hundred randomly chosen lucky players who purchased the Reaper Bundle or a MERC vehicle during the Black Friday Sales event will get their Gold back!Stay tuned for more bonuses this week! COMMUNITY CONTENT Lightfoot Freddy - BMD-2, 7k+ damage, 8 kills Rydekk - Fear the Reaper H3dsh0t - Terminator + Exp. Tank R…

Armored Warfare: IN DEVELOPMENT: M1A2 SEP V3

The M1 Abrams is, without any doubt, one of the most famous Main Battle Tanks ever developed. From humble beginnings, it became famous during Operation Desert Storm, where it dominated the battlefield, completely outclassing older Soviet designs and their Chinese knockoffs. Its history has already been described in the following articles: The Whispering Death – Part 1The Whispering Death – Part 2Introducing the M1 Abrams SeriesIn Armored Warfare, the Abrams series is represented by the following vehicles: XM1M1M1A1M1A2XM1A3And the Premium XM1 FSED. In Balance 2.0, they will be joined by another member of the M1 Abrams family – the M1A2 SEP v3. M1A2 SEP v3 Over the last decades, the Abrams has undergone several major upgrades. The System Enhancement Package v3 (SEP) by General Dynamics is the latest upgrade step. Compared to the earlier 2005 SEP v2 model, the SEP v3 represents a technological jump of more than a decade. Introduced to the public for the first time in 2015 at the AUSA Expo in…

War Thunder: Drysocks AAR Live Stream | War Thunder CBT Naval Forces | Russia

War Thunder: Naval Forces are here!

War Thunder: Start of pre-beta test of the War Thunder Naval Forces

We are pleased to announce the start of the naval pre-beta test in War Thunder!The long-awaited naval forces are ready to welcome their first commanders aboard from among the beta test participants. Are you ready to join the crew and take part in a full cycle of testing for War Thunder’s new type of warfare? How do I join?It’s very simple. Become the owner of one of the pre-order packs. Your purchase will automatically make you a member of the beta test. In addition, the set contains some fantastic game bonuses, including a unique premium German, Soviet or US craft which will be available in pre-beta test. Please note! Game sessions for the first testing stage will be available in special Events (Events and Specials - Naval Battles) at specific times, several times a week. Naval Pack Project 1124Naval Pack John F. Kennedy’s PT-109Naval Pack S-20434.99 BUY