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World of Warships: Free Premium Time and Improved Load Times in Update 0.5.5

I have not been on World of Warships in sometime, probably since it was in the final stages of closed beta - maybe a bit after.  So after see this I decided to update my client and give it a spin.  Hey free premium time! Here is a link to the patch notes, they are very long and detailed (PATCH NOTES 0.5.5). o7 - armedbushido
Log in to Update 0.5.5 by May 11 to receive three days of Premium account time!
One of the major additions with Update 0.5.5 is the introduction of a new file structure for the game client. This optimization will affect all players, so we're sharing the why/what/how of it all.
The deadlines was extended by one day to May 11 to account for 0.5.5 release issues. Read the "0.5.5 Update Notes" article for an in-depth look at the update! Why Are We Doing This?
The World of Warships client currently consists of more than 200,000 individual files. This number of files puts a strain on your computer’s resources whenever the game needs to read or write a large amou…

General: Tank Chats #19 Matilda II

The name Matilda means Strength in Battle from the Germanic roots Maht, meaning strong and Hild meaning battle.

The Matilda was regarded as a superb tank in its day and carved a remarkable career for itself. A few served in France in 1940 but in the early stages of the North African campaign, under General Wavell, it virtually ruled the desert. Even when the Afrika Korps arrived it remained a formidable opponent, immune to everything but the notorious 88mm gun. Its main failings were its slow speed and small gun, which could not be improved.

War Thunder: Thunder Show: Courtesy

Dear Players, It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week and don't forget: If you want to send in your own video, then check out how below! Which of the clips did you find most impressive? Tell us about your favourite in the comments! More about the Thunder ShowDo you have a War Thunder video you would like to share with the world? An epic scene of heroism, a hilarious mistake or just random awesomeness? Then listen up! Every week in the Thunder Show, we pick one of the videos sent to us as a winner in each of the four categories in our show - The Most Epic Video, The Best Fail, The Funniest Video and finally The Most Original Video - and reward the winner with 5000 ! If your video is somewhat special it has every chance to be chosen for the show and in that case you will receives a prize! Don’t miss out on your chance and find out below what to do to send in your video as a submission! Here is how to…

World of Tanks: May Brings Military Month, Berlin Quartet and More!

The month of May is upon us and with it Military Month. We're once again honoring the military and all the sacrifices brave men and women make on our behalf. Look forward to in-game missions, discounts, and the rare Berlin Quartet in the Shop all May. Military Appreciation MonthThis Military Appreciation Month is dedicated to Fisher House Foundation, providing military families with temporary housing close to their loved ones in a time of medical crisis. With every 100,000 XP that you earn in May, Wargaming will donate $1 to this noble cause, up to $100,000. Details: May 1 On Track to the FV215b (183)For our take on "May the Fourth Be With You" this year, our upcoming On Track event focuses on the lower-tier British light and medium tanks and tank destroyers leading up to the FV215b (183), also known as the "Death Star". 


One of the most interesting, but poorly documented, periods of tank warfare is the 1948 Israeli War of Independence, in which – against all odds – a newly established country prevailed against numerous and well-equipped enemies. Catastrophic British post-war policies in the region led to an escalation of the conflict into an all-out war that included air force clashes as well as armor. From a tank research point of view, this particular conflict is quite interesting because it involved a huge variety of armored vehicles of various ages, including some real relics of the past, such as the Hotchkiss H39 (re-armed with a 2pdr gun in Syrian service) and the Renault R35, both pre-war French light tanks from the 1930s. Israeli M4A4 Sherman in the Latrun museum Israel used a wide variety of both purchased and captured vehicles too, but the tank that would remain one of the mainstays of the Israeli armored units was the M4 Sherman. The M4 Medium Tank is possibly the best tank from World War II al…